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Instant Reach Advertising

97% of text messages are opened within minutes of receiving them. With that instant direct reach, mass texting is a great way to engage your customers and increase revenues. Informing your customers of last minute special offers or events has never been easier.

We offer a mass texting platform that allows our clients to build customer mobile lists and market directly to their lists by texting special business updates or activities, special offers, new or special products, or a number of other messages.

How it Works

Each package comes with specific number of messages and keywords. A keyword is the word or phrase the customer will text to your 5 digit message number to opt in to the special offer. You can use multiple keywords to create multiple lists.
Each keyword is used to create a new customer opt in list. Keywords make it easy to market directly to your customers that opted in for specific specials or further information. Some business only need 1 keyword, while other businesses benefit from 5 to 10 keywords.

A Few Examples

Here are a few examples of how text marketing can dramatically increase your revenues:

A customer reads a print or digital ad that reads, “Text Enter Keyword Here to 555-55 to receive information or a discount on Enter Special Offer or Product Here“.
When the customer texts the keyword to the provided number, they will immediately be added to your contact list linked to that specific keyword and they will receive the special offer, discount, or product information you told them about.
Next time you want to promote a product or special offer you simply send the promotion to your keyword list.

Some Industries Served

Text marketing can be used in dozens of highly effective and innovative ways. A few of the more popular clients use auto texting in the following ways

Restaurant/Bar owners

This includes other service based businesses

  • Build their list by offering a discount on a meal or drink to get customers to opt in

    • Text “Drink” to 555-55 to receive $1 off your first 3 alcoholic beverages

  • Then at future times you can immediately promote other special offers directly to customers that opted into the “Drink” list via a simple text message

    • New offer sent to “Drink” list: Tonight only, BOGO domestic beers from 9pm-11pm!

Massage Therapists

Includes other service professionals

  • Build list by offering discounted massages

    • Text “massage” to 555-55 to receive instant updates on massage discounts

  • Anytime you need to quickly fill a vacancy send a mass text to your “massage” list

    • Call us at 555-5555 to book a 25% off massage today at 3pm

    • This allows you to immediately fill any last minute vacancies

Real Estate Professionals

  • Build list by advertising something such as:

    • Text “colonialtown” to 555-55 to receive more information on 123 Oak Street

    • You could then send all opt ins a link to your website for info on 123 Oak Street

    • You could also text future Colonial Town houses to your “colonialtown” list

  • Multiple keywords can be used to create multiple well defined customer lists

Packages starting at $79/month for 500 messages and 1 keyword.Click Hereto get started

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